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Photographs of the A-1 Quilting Machine from the 1999 MQS

Click on the following 6 thumbnails to see the enlarged photos.

A-1Brake_handle.jpg (36490 bytes)

#1 This is how A-1 activates their "Channel Lock" used to keep the Y axis locked. After the hand brake is pressed the operator can push the round button to lock the brake in the "on" position. You might have to click on the thumbnail above to see the enlarged photo in order to easily see the round lock button. To the right of the lock button is the left end of the fluorescent light fixture.

A-1Brake_Caliper.jpg (43798 bytes)

#2 Instead of an electro-magnet like Gammill uses for its "channel lock", A-1 uses a bicycle's side-pull brake that requires no electricity.

A-1Brake-_Caliper.jpg (46836 bytes)

#3 This is another view of the brake mechanism. Notice the black brake cable housing running parallel to the table top in the lower right of the photo.

A-1cable&guide.jpg (45595 bytes)

#4 Here is the black brake cable housing running forward to the operator's handles.

A-1ThreadGuide.jpg (33925 bytes)

#5 This is the A-1 thread guide. Notice it can't poke your eye out or scratch you like Gammill's. For those of us with Gammills I suggest a trip to Radio Shack to purchase a package of 2 green, 2 red, 2 yellow and 2 white handle covers (two of each color). If you can't find them or the clerk doesn't know what you are asking for check item 275-324 , item 275-325 or item 275-1545. These are small toggle switches that come WITH one of each of the 4 colors of handle covers. Slip these handle covers over the end of your Gammill thread guides (the first thing the thread touches after leaving the cone) to protect your eyes, cheeks, arms, etc.

A-1clamp.jpg (33277 bytes)

#6 This is the A-1clamp used to hold their circle maker firmly to the table. Their circle maker is a very well built circle maker that reminds me of something Binford Tools might manufacture. <g>............ of Tim the Tool-Man Taylor TV fame. I did not photograph the circle maker because it was this clamp that caught my attention, but the A-1circle maker is similar to Gammill's Circle Ease and in retrospect I should have photographed their circle maker as well.

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