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Here are two photos (above and below) of Bob Hamlin's BIG BASE installed on our Gammill Optimum. Talk about trying to take a picture of the invisible man <g>; this was a challenge. The BIG BASE is made of acrylic with beveled edges. All holes are countersunk and the oil port hole can be seen dead center in the lower photo. The BIG BASE is held on by replacing the two front screws with longer screws that Bob provides with the unit. It is thin enough to flex some (handy when you bump a clamp) and slides nicely under the hopping foot of our particular machine. 

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Thanks to Pam Uhlig for bringing her personal "Wonder Disc" to Marcia Stevens classes November 7-9th, 1998. (Pam, we ordered ours from Barbara the next day!) This disc is designed to fit most longarm machines.  For sure it fits the Gammill line (not sure about the Supreme yet). The "Wonder Disc" cost $150 and is available from Barbara Vanice, who is also the maker of the "Perfect Pattern Maker".   The Quilted Rose, 7151 El Cajon Blvd. Suite H, San Diego, CA 92115;  Telephone 619-462-1848

Our disc arrived on December 3, 1998. Barbara has improved the disc by changing from shiny aluminum to black "anodized?" aluminum (at Pam's suggestion) so the aluminum oxide doesn't get white fabric "dirty". We are especially glad we took pictures of Pam's while it was here because the black disc wouldn't photograph as well for the photos that follow below. We have also received email letting us know the Disc is being modified to fit the Nolting 18 next. As those of you with other makes and models of machines get Wonder Disc that fit your machine, please let us know by email so that we can update this page. Also, if the disc changes to Lexan, etc. please let us know as well.

The correct name is "Wonder Disc" and not Wonder Disk as I had been using on this web page. When our Disc arrived the invoice showed "Disc" and we confirmed it on Barbara's web site. However, if this is incorrect would someone please let us know.

The "Wonder Disc" gives a larger more stable sewing platform for using the Gam-Guide (Gammill's guide for straight lines), Plexiglas rulers for straight lines (stitch-in-the-ditch) and curved lines (the Double Wedding Ring ruler). It is quickly removable in less than 30 seconds with a Phillips screwdriver to loosen, not remove, two screws. The disc would not be left on all the time. Two reasons to not leave it on all the time are it covers an oiling port (on some machines) and it sticks out farther and makes contact with your clamps sooner especially during pantograph operations. The "Wonder Disc" is a must especially if you sew from the free-hand side of the machine. We believe the disc will become standard equipment on ALL machines very quickly. This can probably be considered a must item if you do heirloom machine quilter. We can envision the next generation of the disc being made of Lexan . The current construction is 0.185 inch (almost 3/16 inch) aluminum and is precision machined. It is well thought out and we think you will like it. Thank you Barbara for your permission to upload our photos of your "Wonder Disc" and link to your web site.

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10 inch diameter and a plug for one of our local quilt shops! <g>

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A view of the U bracket that slips over the "snout" of the machine. The top of the cross bar has a dense padding that is not very visible in this photo. Note the new white hard nylon wheels by King's Men Quilting Supply, Inc. Close-up photos of the new wheels will follow shortly.

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A view from the side showing the disc flush with the needle plate. Note the second set of counter sunk holes closest to the center of the disc. These are for the Gammill Premier only because of the Premier's shorter "snout".

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An upside down "Wonder disc". The groove accommodates certain machine's needle plates.

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The saddle is U shaped with a dense padding on the cross bar to help prevent slipping.

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Sherry D. Rogers,  Runway Ranch Longarm Quilting, Des Moines, WA has devised the "Extend-A-Base" which replaces the Big Base which became unavailable when Bob Hamlin sold his business a few years ago. The Extend-A-Base is a base plate designed for Nolting, Gammill, APQS (all models), Proto, Kenquilt and Nustyle Longarm machines at this point in time. You can click on links below for more information and many more large, detailed photographs of the Extend-A-Base.     or

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Nancy Read of Brea, California demoed her Pantograph Planner at the 1999 MQS during the evening demo session. You can see the Pantograph Planner in more detail on Nancy's web site 

With this device you can easily locate your pantograph rows and end the difficulty of row alignment. This device is designed to help you evenly space your rows of pantograph. 


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Laurel Barrus of Centerville Quilt Works, 801-292-7988 or FAX: 801-294-3011 now has her web site up   She has marketed a Baptist Fan Maker "thingie" for use on quilting machines. It uses the Gammill foot (Gam-Foot) however she offers a foot adapter for the Nolting and the APQS (soon). These adapters for the Nolting and APQS are handy because they will allow you to use the Plexiglas rulers or the Gam-Guide on Nolting and APQS machines. The Gam-Guide by the way comes in several different lengths.

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Shelly Zacharias of The Gadget Girls has many different Stitch Guides for Longarm Quilting Machine. "Right now we have the Circle Set Templates, Diagonal/Diamond Ruler Set, 90 Degree Ruler and the SID Guide. The newest one, not yet released (as of January 13, 2000) but ready next week is the Circle Set Jr."  Be sure to visit Shelly's web site  for close-up photos of her products, her products in use, and the finished quilting.

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Sales, Service and Supplies: of, by and for longarmers

Timing Tool for all brands of Longarm Machines

A timing device for virtually all long arm quilting machines used to easily, quickly, and accurately set the timing of the hook and needle of all brands of quilting machines. Comes with simple, easy to follow instructions. Developed and available from Fawn and Ron Hedelius of Quick Quilts, 4020 E. 300 N., Rigby, Idaho 83442, (208) 745-7966. Cost is $40 plus S&H or $42.50 total if stateside. 

Continuous line quilting patterns

Golden Threads, LLC TM (Jim and Cheryl Barnes, owners); 2 S, 373 Seneca Drive; Wheaton, Illinois 60187 U.S.A.; Telephone 630-510-2067 and Fax is 630-510-0491 Importers of continuous line quilting patterns by Keryn Emmerson of Australia. Keryn has many sets of distinctive patterns with more being added regularly. Email address is  and web site is

Norma (Woods) Sharp and Gail Broadwater,  Simple Quilting Stitches, 93 Sylvia Drive, Mammoth Springs, AR 72554. Telephone and Fax is 870-966-3316 with 870-966-3307 as an alternate Telephone number only (Not for Fax) Norma's email address is   Gail's email is  Catalogs are $2.00 refundable with the first order. Their patterns are easy to use and many interlock. They have created new corner and block patterns to compliment their continuous line patterns. Norma has sent the following in reference to the commercial use of her and Gail's patterns.    "Upon purchase of any of the copyright designs in this catalog, the owner has the right to use it repeatedly in the custom quilting business. Mass Production Will Not Be Allowed. Copying the designs for resale or exchange for any reason is prohibited. Restricted use for advertisement purposes will be limited to: Leafelets, Catalogues, Videos, and Brochures.All copies of the designs for advertisement purposes must have copyright notice clearly visible as follows:Copyright 1983-1998 N. Woods/Gail Broadwater"

King's Men Quilting Supply, Inc., P.O. Box 362, 2570 N Walnut, Rochester, Illinois 62563 U.S.A. Phone 217-498-9460; FAX 217-498-9476, David and Debbie Taft owners, web site , laser stylus, black lights and black light marking pens and powder, accessories, Nymo thread, supplies, hangers & tables, Nolting Parts & Modifications (the hard nylon wheels, small eye hopping foot, thin wire hopping foot and small eye base plate), batting, patterns, & much more. 


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Rotary Cutter Blades - New and Resharpening

L.P. Sharp (Tom Stevens), 41863 Little Pine Road, Emily, Minnesota 56447, U.S.A.

We all use them so why not recycle them, reuse them by resharpening them and save a bundle over the cost of new blades or buy new name brand blades cheaper than any other place we have found.. Tom Stevens does this as a mail order business. Tom's email is: or better yet visit lpsharp.html where all the prices and information are listed.


100% Cotton thread for longarm machines

A Quilter's Studio, Richard & Sandra King,  2418 S. Tyler Ave.,   Joplin, MO 64804; Phone 417-781-8550; FAX 417-781-1965;  e-mail Sandy and Richard carry Star Cotton thread, Dr Paper, 12 X 12 Dry Wax Paper, Spray adhesive, black lights, hidden glow pencils, etc.  Call or write for a complete list of supplies and prices. Be sure to ask Sandy about the Scissors Spot.  No longarm, shortarm or sewing machine should be without one or more if you have a 14 foot table. <G>


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The Hartley Fence

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If you have been around longarm quilting and quilt shows you have probably met Ike Winner. Or, you might have actually seen him on the television demonstrating the or Hartley Fence. The Gold quilts photos above are of a quilt done by Ike while demonstrating the Hartley Fence at quilt shows. Notice the Blue quilt behind Ike in the last photo also done on the Hartley Fence. Ike has become known as "The Quilting Cowboy" and has quilted all his life, having over 1800 quilts to his credit. Without doubt he is a legend in our industry. He is usually seen wearing his fancy black cowboy hat and a brightly colored cowboy shirt while quilting with one hand in his pocket while demonstrating in the APQS company booth at shows. Ike has his following, and they actually have an Ike Winner Fan Club Quarterly Newsletter that Ike gives out at shows along with a color photo that he is more than happy to autograph. The newsletter tracks Ike's schedule and is an interesting pulse of the industry. The newsletter is available on a yearly subscription for $7.50. Ike Winner "The Quilting Cowboy", 1347 West 228th Street, Torrance, California 90501-5029 or FAX 310-320-6435 Or, catch him at one of his many shows, and ask him for a complimentary copy of his newsletter.

For Information on the availability of the Hartley Fence for Gammill, Nolting and other quilting machines contact Hartley Manufacturing at  For APQS machines visit the APQS web site and specifically the web page.

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All prices listed above are provided as a courtesy and are subject to change by the vendor. We do not sell any of these items ourselves nor do we get a commission <g>. However, any item on this list comes highly recommended from the industry as a whole.

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