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Machine Quilters Showcase Photographs
through the lens of George Goumas


If you have been visiting the House of Hanson site over the years since the start of the MQS you have seen the photographs of the MQS quilts change over time. The first year Jackie took photographs for our personal use because we were just getting started in longarm quilting. At the exit meeting someone asked if anyone took photographs of the quilts and could they be uploaded to the internet.  Our web site had just gotten online so Jackie offered to upload our photographs. Of course we didn't have the information to go with them as we didn't expect we would be uploading for all the world to see. So we spent the next year receiving emails from all over the world telling us who's quilt was which and we then typed in the information from the MQS program book. By the end of the year we had all the quilts identified. <G>

The second year we took photographs again using 35mm cameras (two) as we had the first year. How well I remember standing in line to pay for the 35mm prints realizing that within the hour folks in Australia, Great Britain, France, and others all over the world would be viewing the photographs I held in my hands. We scanned them into the computer, saved the file, later renamed the file to match the quilt number in the MQS program book, and typed in the data for each quilt.

About this time we met Marge and George Goumas at our place when Marcia Stevens came here to put on classes for two years in a row. By the third year of the MQS George and I were both using digital cameras and George started providing me with pictures where mine flopped or he had found late arrivals that I had missed. For the 4th and 5th year George has been doing the MQS photography without us. He has upgraded his digital camera and started putting the photographs onto CDs and uploading them to his PhotoPoint site.

We started using a digital camera at 640 by 480 pixels because that is what was available. We could not use more pixels because most computer monitors would not view the photographs without scroll bars. We started out taking most of the photographs as full quilt photographs and with that resolution the photographs often did not show the quilting stitches themselves. Enter George. 

George is now shooting the MQS photographs directly onto CD using 1024 by 768 pixel resolution. This makes an incredible difference in the photographs. George also started taking several photographs of each quilt to show the overall piecing and the close-ups of the quilting stitches. George goes back to the hotel room at night and reviews all that days photographs on his laptop screen. If he doesn't like a particular photograph he goes back the next day and takes more photographs of that particular quilt. Because of download time, file storage limits for web sites, and other technical limitations it has become necessary for George to compress, crop in some cases, and downscale the resolution of some photographs for use online. If this is satisfactory for you, you can see this years MQS photographs by visiting 

For those of us who demand the whole enchilada, George has put together a $35 CD of this years photographs at the highest resolution and without the additional compression that uploading requires. Jackie and I just spent an entire evening viewing this years photographs on George's CD.  The results are absolutely stunning. George has provided a program on the CD to show the photographs as an automated slideshow so that you can control the time each photograph is on screen or you can manually advance the photographs. He has the photographs sequenced to match the MQS program's numbering sequence for your convenience as well. They are in groups of photographs such as entry quilts, quilt awards, people photographs and others of interest such as George's special hat. George has taken into consideration various computer operating systems such as the Mac and the IBM clones. The new version of the slideshow even lets you print the photographs. He has several different ways for you to see the photographs and I do mean photographs. Try over 1800 photographs. Way more than I care to count. According to George the CD is 100% full.  The bottom line is George has gone to a great deal of trouble to make this CD available to the longarm community. The amount he is selling the CD for hardly covers his cost/time and is a real bargain at $35. I think each of us could use one to have it playing in the background in our quilting area for our customers to see, provide inspiration for us, and to show our appreciation to George for all his efforts on our behalf over the last several MQSs of providing online photographs at no cost to anyone. Every quilt shop, fabric store or convention booth could have this CD playing constantly. Jackie and I recommend George's CD with total confidence. You will find these photographs of quilts and quilting to be the absolute best you have every seen. The cost of the CD is nothing compared to the 21 inch monitor that you will be tempted to upgrade to in order to enjoy George's reflection of everyone's quilting at a higher level of enjoyment. With total confidence, we unequivocally recommend George's CD. You owe it to yourself to check it out. 

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