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One of the advantages of having your own web site is you have control over your web site. When we first setup our business name we did a search for other businesses that were using the same name or one that might be close enough to confuse the public. Within a year we started getting email or telephone calls asking us if we were The House of Hansen that did vestments, etc. Through a process of searching here and there, getting an email now and then, we finally have nailed down the other business. It is called, The House of Hansen. Note the spelling of Hansen with the "e" vs. our House of Hanson with the spelling of Hanson with the "o". 

Our thanks to Lynda Fitzsimmons who helped us find The House of Hansen allowing us to put a link to their website for others to find. They are in Chicago, Illinois and The House of Hansen has been serving the clergy for over 75 years with custom tailored clerical garments, complete church supplies, and religious articles. Check out their website: 

Their contact information is:

The House of Hansen
4223 W. Irving Park Road
Chicago, Illinois 60641
(773) 736-5858 | (800) 522-1457

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