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The Hartley Fence is an attachment for quilting perfect diagonal lines and circles.
It was invented, developed and patented by Hartley Badger for
his wife Marilyn to use on her APQS machine.
Here are some views of the hardware making up the Hartley Fence.
It is now available for most brands, makes, and models of quilting machines. 

Click on the thumbnails below to see the full photos.

Circle attachment.jpg (49210 bytes)     Diagonal line attach.jpg (43021 bytes)
  Circles           Diagonals

Contol table.jpg (53564 bytes)     Table accessories.jpg (27559 bytes)     Templates2.jpg (55889 bytes)
Circles          Components         Stencils

Table Quilt example.jpg (35696 bytes)     Templates.jpg (22603 bytes)
       Stencils      Stencil Patterns

Click on the thumbnails to see the full photos.

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Views of some of Marilyn Badger's quilts demonstrating the Hartley Fence

Quilt 1.jpg (54785 bytes)     Quilt 8.jpg (46265 bytes)     Quilt 5.jpg (45351 bytes)

     Quilt 7.jpg (48317 bytes)     Quilt 6.jpg (45142 bytes)

Remember to click on the thumbnails above and below to see the full photos.

Views of some of Marilyn Badger's Quilts demonstrating "Free Hand"

Quilt 7a.jpg (44810 bytes)

Quilt 4.jpg (61314 bytes)     Quilt 6a.jpg (41158 bytes)     Quilt 5a.jpg (66051 bytes)

Marilyn Badger teaches Professional Machine Quilting Workshops at her studio in Brookings, Oregon. Contact Marilyn regarding upcoming workshop dates. Closest airport and local hotel information is available upon request.

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If you would like information on Marilyn's workshops or 
Hartley's Hartley Fence, the Cookie Cutter stencil attachments, or the stencils: 

Marilyn and Hartley Badger
Hartley Manufacturing, Inc.
4803 S. Ironwood Drive
Saint George, Utah 84790 
Tel: 435-688-0841   &   Fax: 435-688-0842

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