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01-24-00:  We have been reluctant to have a links web page because of the amount of work needed to keep it up to date. However, we have decided that if we are going to serve you with the information you want and need, we have a responsibility to provide a links page. Jeff and Jackie

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Always start by visiting George and Marge Goumas' web site of their favorite links

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        Listings are alphabetical for your convenience
Yellow highlight = Sales, Service and Supplies: of, by and for longarmers

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A-1 Long Arm or

Acronym Finder (what is IMQA or MQS?)  

All Brand Sew-Knit Distributors or 

American Professional Quilting Systems or 

Canadian Machine Quilter's Association or   

Checker Distributors or

Craft for a Cause or 

Cranberry Quiltworks or

Dharma Trading or 

Design-A-Quilt or

Energy Dimensions - Light for Sight or 

Christian Lane Quilters or 

Gammill Quilting Systems or 

Golden Threads, LLC TM  or 

Grainger or 

Houndholl'r- Gammill Dealer and Laura Lee Fritz or

Intellistitch or 

International Machine Quilters Association or

Kenquilt Manufacturing Company or 

King's Men Quilting Supply, Inc. or  

Legacy Quilting Machines or

Linda's Electric Quilters or 

Listing of Machine Quilters "Quilting for Hire" or 

Longarm University or 

Lost/Stolen Quilts or 

L.P. Sharp Rotary Cutter Blades or

Missing Fabrics or 

Northwest Quilters (links page) or  

Quilting Errata or 

Quiltropolis or

Quilts and Quilting (Links) or 

San Jose, CA, Museum of Quilts and Textiles or 

S&D Stitches, Inc. or

Statler Stitcher or 

The Quilter Magazine Online or

The House of Hansen or  
(Religious apparel and vestments for clergy)

Universal Sewing Supply or 

Visual & Hearing Products or 

Webopedia = the online dictionary (and search engine) for computer/internet terms or 


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