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See you in Springfield, IL '99

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Debbie Andrew, says:  "I SPY" by Debra A. Andrew for Cynthia England of Houston, TX.  Photograph by "The Provision Group"--Theresa Fleming, Aurora, Co.  Original pattern published in "P.S. I Love You Two!" pg. 26, by Nancy J. Smith and Lynda S. Milligan, 8970 E. Hampden Ave., Denver, Co. 80231. 1-800-474-2665. Jane Dumler and I constructed the original "I Spy" in the book.  The monogramming takes 28 hrs. on a Janome 9000, not counting the layout time.  This quilt is fun and fairly easy to do--lends itself to many fabric choices and designs.  Have lots of fun!

Click on this thumbnail below to see the full photo. It will be worth it!! The full photo file is 305 KB and the file name is "ISpyQuilt.jpg"

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Jeff and Jackie's note: This is a professional photograph and was well worth all of us waiting for. You can actually see the individual squares in the quilt top. We strongly suggest you click on the thumbnail to see the full photo. Because of its size you will have scroll bars on the sides of your monitor to scroll left/right and up/down to get around the entire quilt top to see EVERYTHING. The image is 1791 pixels by 1934 pixels and if we cropped it you would lose a lot of detail so we left it large as we feel it is worth the download time. WOW, what fun for kids too!! Depending on your monitor's resolution you could have as many as 3 screens across and 4 screens high to take in this entire quilt top.


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Above is Kathy Olson's winner, Chesapeake Star #2. "Quilter's Dream - Select Batt Natural; Cotton Fabrics - Coats VVV thread to match areas; trapunto under the corners and sides where the hearts are. Also feather stitchery that doesn't show well in borders. Each outside border has separate treatment. Visual impact on Christmas Star (below) is greater - but the stitching is better on this quilt. No judges comments were available unless you placed 1-3 oh well!"

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Above is a different quilt. This is Kathy's Christmas Star. "Didn't place, but got alot of viewer's votes. Poly batt and cotton fabrics; Feather quilting sulky 30 wt color 1070 - looks like gold metallic without the hassels; stippling behind feathers using white Mettler 60/2 embroidery weight. Part of diamonds not covered in feathers are in-the-ditch with Sulky invisible - smoke on top - clear in bobbin; and notice feather border that "falls" on and off first border out from star."

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The photo above (white) is the back of the Christmas Star and the photo below is the front.

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Kathy Olson
Treasured Threads
Grandbury, Texas

Debbie Oliver's pattern and directions for making a quilt envelope

For those of you with access to American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine, Issue 19, April 1996; page 42 Debbie refers you there if you want to see an article covering this topic. However, her instructions and pattern (Debbie's own for our use) follow.

"This pattern shows how to make the envelope only. I usually trace this out of freezer paper and iron it onto starched muslin. I give that piece of fabric, as well as a smaller piece for practice, a Pigma pen, and the instructions (see below this) to my customers. They write the message and return it to me. I sew the envelope together add a button hole and a button to the pointed ends and hand sew the envelope onto the back of the quilt around the outer edges of the envelope. I usually use a coordinating piece of fabric on the outside of the envelope instead of muslin. If a customer wants to put momentos inside the envelope I add a couple of small snaps on the side flaps of the envelope to make sure it stays closed after it's folded together."

Directions for Making a Quilt Envelope

"A quilt envelope is a fabric envelope that contains the message you wish to put on the back of your Creative Quilt. It is folded and buttoned or snapped to create an envelope and hand sewn in one corner of your quilt. It may contain a written message, drawings, historical information, and any feelings you wish to convey with your quilt. It may also contain the date the quilt will be presented, or the event it was meant to signify.

Remember that your quilt will be an heirloom and this information will travel with the quilt throughout its life. I will take this piece and sew it to another piece and attach it to the back of your quilt. The freezer paper has been ironed on to the muslin to give it more stability when you are writing on it. The lines on the paper are there to help you keep your lines straight as you write. You are not limited to writing on the lines provided. You may use the entire surface of the muslin as long as you stay inside the seam line.

1. Write your message on paper. Put some thought into the type of message you wish to add to your quilt. Once you have composed the message, practice writing it on paper as it will appear on the quilt. This will give you something to look at as you are writing on the fabric and help you avoid mistakes.

2. Pencil in your message. If you wish, write your message lightly on the fabric using a #2 pencil. This will give you a guideline for writing with the fabric marker. The lines on the paper will be more visible to you from the fabric side if you tape it to a window or place it on a glass top table with a light placed under the glass. It is important that you do not write outside the seam line around the outer edge of the envelope.

3. Trace your pencil markings with fabric marker. Carefully trace over your pencil markings on the muslin with the fabric marker. You may remove any visible lines left from the pencil by using a very clean fabric eraser or a Magic Rub eraser once the marker is dry. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, I can do that for you."

Debbie Oliver
Creative Quilts
Carmel, Indiana

Click on the thumbnail below to see the image of the pattern in full size. It takes up a full 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper. It may appear smaller or larger depending on your monitor's size.

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