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20 foot banner greeting on side of the 14 story Crowne Plaza

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The Year 2001 Machine Quilters Showcase
will be held in Springfield, Illinois again
at the Crowne Plaza from May 9-12th, 2001.
This is LESS than a year away. Start planning now!

Quilt Photos Indexing Page
Machine Quilters Showcase
Springfield, Illinois, May 10-13, 2000
The Showcase Program is used for the numbering sequence

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   Looking for a particular quilter or quilt?

An asterisk * after the quilt number (on the following pages) indicates a "no show"

WB01342_.gif (1227 bytes)  Quilt Photos 001 through 050

WB01342_.gif (1227 bytes)  Quilt Photos 051 through 100

WB01342_.gif (1227 bytes)  Quilt Photos 101 through 150

WB01342_.gif (1227 bytes)  Quilt Photos 151 through 200

WB01342_.gif (1227 bytes)  Quilt Photos 201 through 254

When you visit these pages, the small thumbnail photos of each quilt have a beveled edge to help make the thumbnail stand out and show that the thumbnails are actually links to the full size photographs. We apologize for those quilts that look bad with a beveled thumbnail. It can make the seams look crooked, etc. Each page should take about 2 minutes to download using a 28,800 baud modem. Each individual quilt photo varies in size, but using the largest file of any of the photographs you should be able to download any full size photo in less than a minute with a 28,800 baud modem. Please remember that these pages, in particular, of all the pages on our web site, are the most demanding for your computer. So please be patient and give your computer a little credit. It is working its little heart out. <G> Jeff and Jackie


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We wish to thank Pat and Peter Masley for their work in compiling this information for YOU. Without their work we would be a good month getting this information to you. They also compiled all this information for the original MQS program(s) for its first three years of showcases. The showcase community in general owes these two a big THANK YOU for three years of dedicated work. Thank you, Pat and Peter.

We also want to thank George Goumas for his work in taking all these wonderful photographs. He did a fantastic job as you will see. You can see more of George's photography of Marge's quilting on their web site  

If and/or when you find errors to this web page, PLEASE take the time to email us.   Jeff and Jackie


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