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The WORLD WIDE WADES list is a email list for sewists, geared more for New Home/Janome sewing machine users. It is for, but not limited to, sewing and is a Christian group with NO profanity or flaming allowed. It is family orientated. Jackie hosted the first West Coast Gathering of the Wades list and the photos of that gathering were uploaded here. Since then a few other photos have been added. We now use this page to have a place to post the information on where to go on the net to join the list etc. That information follows below.
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Julie teaching how to silk dyeJulie is showing us the technique of silk dying.

Here are some of the finished scarves air drying before the dye set. The first 3 on the right are mine. Julie is a great instructor and very patient.



Elise is Home!

CharlesCharles & Peggy WadePeggy


Peggy receives her dollI think Peggy is smitten with the addition to their home. Closer look

Lynne and CharlesLynne Allen and Charles share laughs while Lynne looks through the memory book from the ECG.

Jackie & JeffJeff is always taking the pictures and never gets in them. So I thought that he should be in at least one. I'm trying to think of what to put on the back of the quilt, Lynne was very eloquent, I guess I should stick to making dolls <g>.

mirror imageJeff caught Peggy in the mirror with Charles behind her.

  This is a close-up of EliseThis is a close-up of Elise.

The first WCG ...but not the last! Saturday, November 9, 1996 in San Carlos, California


Speakerphone conversation with Peggy and ChasThis is the first West coast meeting of the Janomies from the Wades' list. The group here is talking to Peg and Chas via speakerphone. From left to right: Jaye (before Will's arrival), Jackie, Dee (in the chair), Jan, Julie (in blue), Jamie (in red), shy <G> Connie looking at you, and Lynne D.


Speakerphone conversation number 2This is another view of the same speakerphone conversation as above. Left to Right: Jamie (in red), Dee (still in the chair <g>), Jan, Jaye, and Jackie.


Speakerphone  conversation picture number 3Continuing around the circle with the same speakerphone scenario: Left to Right: Lynne D., Connie, Julie, Jamie (in red), Dee (still in the chair <g>), and Jan.


Conversation over dessertThe party moved to enjoy the wonderful food every one brought, you are at the dessert course and from left going around the table: Lynne A., the first full face pictures of Lynne D. and Jamie, then Connie, Jaye, Jan and Dee.


Girl TalkThis was a the first time we could sit and talk without a keyboard between us <g>.


Decorating the bisque Angels Full tummies.... we got down to some serious play time...we embellished bisque Angels with silk, lace, ribbon and fur to send to Peggy, Chas, and Stan. In addition each person got to take home an Angel to remember our first get together.


Jan's Swatch Jacket Jan, who came all the way from Fresno ( a 3 hr. drive), stayed over night just to be with us. The beautiful jacket was made from the swatch exchange. Jan is so clever!


Julie's: Paralysis by Analysis Jan and Lynne D. are looking at Julie's rugs and then helped her select the best combination of fabrics to take Julie out of her "Paralysis by Analysis" state while making a quilted coat. The last I heard she has not started on it.

Jaye's beautiful quiltJaye calls this her "Latte Quilt". She brought several absolutely out of this world quilts, but this is the one that made the pictures. It is a good representation of the quality of her work, good show Jaye!

  Good bye from CA

Well, here is a closing picture with everybody looking forward just for YOU!! We hope you all enjoy your get-togethers as much as we did ours.

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